LaZbro Sectional

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Rejoice in your lush living room a paradise among the beasts of the outdoor land. Take refuge in the one area that is your safe haven. Relax in the one place that you call your home. After all, this is the place that is your own. 

Made with top-grain leather by the leader in motion seating. Manufactured in Canada with a 6 week lead time. Available in any color and 4 grade levels. Some up-charges may apply when adding additional seats and upgrading leathers. Price match guranntee. Quality assurance includes 2-year manufacturers warrantee on the leather, but let's face it, that is highly unnecessary with this quality Italian product. Enjoy with champaign and good company. Use only as directed. Severe  happiness may ensue. Consult your doctor before over use as this may cause extreme satisfaction and spledid surroundings in your abode. 

To customize your specific look call us any time. We take pride in making your house a home. 



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